Thank you

Katherine DuVernois

for her design and creation of our amazing entry gate.
Thank you

Frank Hasseld

for his amazing carpentry and installation.

Lynne and Mason Rosenthal​, Dragon Boat Sponsors and Honorary Chairmen "Awaken the Dragon"

The Charlevoix Circle of Arts hosted its inaugural Dragon Boat Festival on August 4, 2018 to help support its mission to cultivate a more inspired and educated community through the arts.  Dragon Boat Races are a rapidly growing sport combining rich Chinese traditions, competition, team building and LOTS OF FUN!  A typical dragon boat is 46’ long and features 20 paddlers, 1 drummer and 1 steersman.  During the course of the race, the job of the drummer is to keep an effective beat in order to synchronize the paddlers.  Our Dragon Boat Race was approximately 250 meters long and lasted a few minutes.  Each team was guaranteed to race at least two times. The boats are truly works of art.  They are colorful crafts with dragon scales including a dragon head and tail.  The Opening Ceremony began with a practice known as “Awakening the Dragon” in which the dragon’s eyes are dotted just prior to the race to symbolize the dragon coming to life. Lynne and Mason Rosenthal along with Mike and Rhea Dow awoke the dragon.

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2nd  Annual


August 3, 2019